10 бодипозитивных аккаунтов в Инстаграм, на которых тебе точно захочется подписаться

Позволить себе быть бодипозитивным легче в окружении «принимающих» себя людей. Представляем вам подборку из 10 бодипозитивных аккаунтов инстаграм.


Девушка с чувством юмора учит не только позировать для классных фоточек в Инстаграм, но предлагает с чувством юмора относится к тому, что мы видим в Инстаграме.



Инстаграм компании Сони Тейлор, мы писали об этой потрясающей и бодипозитивной женщине.

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Thanks for the tag! We love this 👙💛🌼 Posted @withrepost • @thelindsaywolf Summer PSA: for those who forget this simple truth, may I remind you. All you need to attain “beach body” status is to take your body to the beach. 🏖It is your BIRTHRIGHT to enjoy this world & to bask in the delight of yourself in it. Always & forever, you deserve to feel loved and celebrated and safe to exist. And on the toughest of days, you have available to you the opportunity to wake up knowing that you are a one-of-a-kind gift to this world. Even when society tells you otherwise — AND IT WILL — even when the inner shame game tries to talk you out of it — AND IT WILL — and even when it just feels wrong to believe it — AND IT WILL (AT FIRST) — practice here & now the act of trusting that you are a worthy human being in this world. Whatever your size, shape, identity, & condition — you deserve to enjoy your time in the summer — and at any other point in the year. So shine on, beautiful people. 🐳 . . . #beachbody #youareworthy #selflove #bodyacceptance #allbodiesaregoodbodies #effyourbeautystandards #innerworth #plussize #EDrecovery #traumarecovery #fatisnotaviolation #reparentingyourself #stretchmarks #motherhood #postpartumbody #youareenough #healthateverysize #PTSDrecovery #youareenough #shameresilience #mentalhealthawareness . . . [image description: Photo of a person with light skin and shoulder-length blonde hair taking a mirror selfie. They are wearing a yellow one piece bathing suit with a floral pattern that shows off their curves.]

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I see you ❤️❤️ Pic Cred: @modelsherylcostlow

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This is my yoga body. This is my feeling joy and enjoying movement body. This is my worthy of respect body. This is my chronically ill, binge eating disorder, super fat, PCOS body. This body is strong and weak. It is soft and hard. It is able and sometimes not able. It is covered in battle scars and blemishes, and it is beautiful and deserving of love. This body is alive! It is breathing and moving and hugging and connecting with others. My birthday always brings up a lot of emotions for me, because I almost wasn't here… and I am so happy that I am. I got a lot of messages asking how I worked through body issues and became more confident. It just takes time and practice and reminding yourself that though you may not feel worthy in the moment, that you are and that you are wanted here. I don't know how you're feeling today, about life or about your body, but I hope you know you are worthy no matter what. You deserve to be here. You deserve to take up space, to enjoy life, to be in the world. #mycourageousheart #radicalbodylove #spoonie #edwarrior #projectheal #ybic #effyourbeautystandards #worthy #selfcare #selflove #fatliberation #fatandfree #fatwomenofcolor #thisiswhatayogilookslike #fatyoga #chronicallyfabulous #pcos

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Gagging over this stunning look from @allymayhem! Want to be featured? #alternativecurves on your post: no DMs please. 🖤 admin @brxtrmn ・・・ ✨Studio Ghibli Forrest Witch🌙 Don’t you love that feeling when you’re finally properly motivated again and you can just feel the good energy buzzing around you? I had such a good past few days and I just feel totally recharged! I got to go to some great places, meet some great people and just feel completely filled with passion and creativity 🖤🖤 Hat: @ixdoxdeclare expect to see this hat A LOT this summer (and fall and winter) in my posts because I am just obsessed. Dress: @targetstyle Lips: @necromancycosmetica in “divine flesh” Glasses: @valleyeyewear #advancedselfie

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